Seoul Campus


A dynamic global university that meets the challenges of the 21st century Global Dynamic Sangmyung

SMART 2025 Development Goals

  • University Characterized by Creative Convergence
  • Happy Educational Community Based OnTruth, Justice, and Love
  • University Equipped with Optimal Professional Human Resources Education System

Direction of strategy pursuit

  • Characterizaiton

    Secure the areas of Sangmyung's creative competitive advantage

  • Communication

    Internally intensify and externally spread Sangmyung's educational ideology

  • Internal Stability

    Lay the foundation to strengthen capabilities

Detailed direction of strategy pursuit

    • Create a convergence-specialized brand
    • Build a creative educational model
    • Establish an industry-academy cooperation system
    • Organize a communicative culture
    • Strengthen the connection with local community
    • Strengthen global exchange
    • Improve educational excellence
    • Strengthen creative research capabilities
    • Innovate the administrative system
    • Secure financial stability